Bouquets and Vases 1 card for $3 or 2 of each for $19.95

    Spring Series 1 1 card for $3 or 8 for $19.95

    Sunflowers 1 card for $3 or 8 for $19.95

    A vase of sunshine from Al

    Along the Lakeshore Lake Macatawa

    1 card for $3 or 8 cards for $19.95


    1 card for $3.00  Set of 9 cards $19.95 

     Hawaiian Series (9)

    I painted these beautiful cards while on vacation in Hawaii in the spring. Botanical gardens and beautiful beaches were great inspirations. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed painting them.

    I'm offering 9 cards for $19.95. Shipping is $3 and if you want 10 stamps added,  it's an additional $5. So either select 9 of the same card or mix and match for a variety.

    $23 total cards and shipping

    $28 total for cards, shipping and stamps

    Hawaiin Roses

    Variety of Hydrangeas in Vintage Vase