Jams / Jellies /Boujee Cherries

Available NOW!


PICK-UP ONLY 10 am-2 pm every Saturday.

Right here on the farm. I'll be set up farm. 

15637 Riley St. Holland, MI 49424

As of August 1, 2020 I will be selling my products at the farm every Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm. This includes jams/blank watercolor notecards/my newest item, cocktail cherries...(boujee cherries and let me tell you they are so fabulous) and my newly released Cookbook, Cooking with Marguerite.

order on the site or just email me at jamminwithmarguerite@gmail.com


Please help me serve you better by giving an ETA when placing your order. Orders can be picked up at 15937 Riley St. Holland, MI 49424. You can't miss the place. I'm directly across from John Lambert's Veggie Stand that has been here for 40 years. I'll be set up and you can't miss my new banner with my new logo.  This was not the way I intended to launch my new branding, logo and especially my cookbook, but it is what it is. Fortunately for those of you who came to the Holland Farmer's Market to purchase my jams and notecards, you can get them all right here. Put Jammin with Marguerite into your navigation  and it will direct you to the farm.

Cherry Preserves

*Boujee Cherries

Strawberry Jam

Rhubarb Jam

Strawberry Rhubarb

Blueberry Jam

Blueberry Pinot Noir

Blackberry Jam

*Gooseberry w/Elderflower

Make America Grape Jam

Spicy Drizzle

*Prickly Pear

Raspberry Vanilla



Some of the flavors are not pictured on the site but I have them just email me.


JAMS ARE $10.00 or $15.00

if indicated with an *asterisk.