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Raw Local Honey with a twist!

Spicy Chipotle Drizzle

Spring is here.  A fairly new item “Spicy Honey” is simple, yet unique.  I fused local Holland, Michigan raw honey along with Thai Chili and Chipotle Peppers. This blend has a slightly smoky flavor with a surprise kick at the end.


Try this drizzled over goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon and baked until your desired crispness.  Finish your fresh salmon salad with it. I used baby spinach and arugula and smoked salmon, a medley of tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbled over the top and of course my Spicy Chipotle Honey.


For those of you that love a little spice on their palate, this is a must-try. All you will need is good blue cheese, any type of cracker or baguette, and this flavorful medley for a wonderful treat…

Why not try it on an old southern favorite, chicken and waffles. fried chicken atop a waffle, OMG so delicious, especially with a couple of pieces of crisp bacon! A real savory treat with crunch, sweet, smoky and spicy all in one. In case you were not aware, honey and bleu cheese on a simple cracker are amazing. My favorite is a thin slice of Bleu Des Basques, rice crackers and of course my new honey.

Find this earthy, pasteurized, sheep's milk handmade bleu and other wonderful choices at The Cheese Lady in Grand Rapids. Also available at The Cheese Lady are a select few of my own jams and jellies.  

Drizzle away and enjoy!

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