Jam, Preserve and Jelly Varieties  

JAMS/PRESERVES   $9.95-10.95 per jar unless otherwise noted + shipping


Apricot Riesling with Thyme - Classic tart, local apricots get a twist of sophistication from one of our own West Michigan Vineyards. Intrigue your taste buds with this specialty jam. I use Crane's Winery's award-winning 2017 Riesling, and with a subtle hint of fresh thyme right out of the garden, it is truly a special treat. Try a spoonful on your favorite breakfast bread or on your next. BBQ ribs. Right off the grill slather them with jam, use a butane torch and caramelize. You won't be disappointed. I love it on grilled pork chops too. Party favorite - petit baked beggars purses filled with brie and this delicious jam will be a sure to wow your guests!

Apple Bacon Jam - I can't say enough about my new apple bacon jam. One thing is that it is hard to keep up with the demand! It has a rich flavor from smoky applewood bacon, sweet Michigan apples and is just 100% deliciousness. I first had it alongside a bone-in pork chop. This is a new item so I haven't tried it on too many things yet. Let me share what I've done with it so far. Taste it and you'll LOVE it too! I've tried it between to slices Seedy Salt bread, Jarlsberg cheese, homemade peanut butter. So good. I've also had it on a stuffed grilled burger with asiago cheese, a thick slice of heirloom tomato and a healthy dollop of the jam spread atop the cheese.
Crane's Pie Pantry Restaurant tops off their farm to table burger with it from time to time. This unique burger stuffed with big chunks of honey crisp apples, local goat cheese, and my bacon jam. Absolutely scrumptious!
 A local chef has used it to compliment an espresso flan along with fresh berries and whipped cream. Decadent! This jam is $15 per jar.

Blackberry Sage – At peak ripeness and fresh from the farm, huge blackberries and right out of the garden sage make a sweet and savory combination. Since 2015 I've been pairing this already wonderful preserve with a true taste of West Michigan. The addition of Fenn Valley's "Awesome Red" wine has made it richer in character, color and flavor. This one might be too good for toast. I'm thinking a spoonful of brie atop a thinly sliced baguette or crostini or try it with something savory such as grilled skirt steak or pork tenderloin.


Blueberry Basil – Blueberries meet the Mediterranean. Organic key lime and Thai basil perfectly brighten up our plump, juicy berries. Great by itself on crackers or with your favorite cheese. Ideal as an accompaniment to a beef roast. A local chef uses it atop seared jumbo sea scallops. Serve it alongside beef tips or on a Bleu cheese-stuffed burger.


Concord Grape with Rosemary - This autumnal jam pairs the artful taste of Concord grapes against the compelling camphor scent of rosemary, and although these local heirloom grapes have a candy sweetness, the jam equally holds promise as a savory condiment, perhaps served alongside crunchy quails grilled over a wood fire. Try it as a condiment on your next rib-eye steak topped with blue cheese. Wow, your guests when you serve it with beef stroganoff. They won't be disappointed. I have the recipe for beef tips accompanied by the grape and rosemary infusion. My cookbook coming out in late spring 2020.

*For a morning treat spread this wonderful jam on any savory breakfast bread or scone.


Gettin' Figgy With It - Fresh California Mission figs, combined with roasted hazelnuts for a wonderful earthy flavor that lends to an already delicious dish or as an added bonus to a baked breakfast bread. I've added just the right amount of Jack Daniels bourbon to finish it! Another creation I put together with you in mind. Mission figs are in season here in Michigan for a short time and when they are, I use them or freeze them. This variety is so wonderful and so popular I always have a case or two on hand to sell. 

* My guilty pleasure...fresh lightly toasted French baguette, prosciutto, creamy blue cheese and my own fig preserves.


Kumquat Orange Marmalade - A trio of thinly sliced kumquats, blood oranges, and Meyer lemons. A lovely spread that will bring back those childhood memories spent in Granny's kitchen, just as it does for me...Mimi back at the flats on Harsen's Island, in her tiny but always busy little kitchen. Uncompromised and for an extra wow, I added Grand Marnier! It's not only absolutely wonderful on a slice of warm homemade bread just out of the oven. Try a little on your favorite breakfast bread, it's so delicious on chicken. For your next brunch, it's another way to top your stuffed french toast. Wonderful! Drizzle over those amazing crepes you can whip up ahead of time. This jam is $14.95 per jar


Pineapple Habanero - Where the SWEET meets the HEAT! The distinct taste of my own garden fresh habanero peppers married with the delicate taste of fresh pineapple makes this a summer favorite poured over cream cheese and served with crackers. Try it on Palazzolo's Tahitian vanilla gelato. This wonderful, sweet and spicy jelly can be paired perfectly with your favorite ham and cheese panini or pulled pork sandwich. For a delicious treat - cream cheese - topped with this spicy jelly - placed under the broiler until it caramelizes. Serve with fresh baguettes!


Prickly Pear Jam – Straight from the Mojave Desert. This carefully prepared jam is a great addition to your favorite breakfast bread. Sweet from the cactus fruit, tart from the fresh lime and deliciously unique from the tequila infusion process. A hint of Serrano pepper leaves a mild heat at the end. Add the Prickly Pear to your best-loved spicy dish or on top of your favorite cheese and serve with crackers. Heat it up and use as a sauce over pork. My favorite, drizzled over crispy pork belly skewers. So amazing, I can't believe I thought of it!


Raspberry with organic Vanilla Bean – Raspberries are summer to me. My senses come alive the moment these amazing little berries begin to simmer. This variety is a true favorite all-around West MI.  A great way to serve it, use lavishly a top of your favorite cheesecake, then garnish with a pint of fresh raspberries to finish it off. What a presentation! Chef Chris Ferris, owner, and chef at The Farmhouse Deli in Douglas, MI has used this variety to do just that! She recently paired it with brie over the chicken quesadillas. Enjoyed by all! You can find this one and many other favorite varieties on the shelf there at the deli. Be sure and browse the store for other local products while you pick up lunch! Sandy Point Beach House uses my Raspberry w/Organic Vanilla Bean on the breakfast menu. Chef drizzled this obsessively delicious preserve atop his Creme Anglaise French Toast. Make it a point to stop out and enjoy this sweet creation along with many of my jams, jellies, and marmalades that are featured on their cheeseboard. I change all the flavors from time to time to compliment the bread alongside your breakfast. Mmmmm! I exert myself daily turning ordinary things into "extraordinary" with every spoonful. Sweet, tart and oh so smooth, you'll want to eat it right out of the jar!


Rhubarb Raspberry with Ginger – Straight from the garden to your table. Handpicked Canada Red rhubarb from the Arnsmen Farm in Allegan, MI and local everbearing raspberries I find at several farms in Fennville, MI along with organic ginger from the "Ginger People". Tart and sweet in every spoonful alnd with a hint of ginger, the Rhubarb Raspberry Ginger is still my all time favorite. Best to me on toasted Seedy Salt Bread from Salt of the Earth, located on M-89 in Fennville, MI.


Spicy Onion Jam - Another savory variety that will tempt your palate and spark your imagination. Let's see, what do you do with a spicy onion jam? Let me give you a couple of ways that are tried and true. Made with sweet red onions and just a hint of Thai chilis, this one tastes incredible on a burger, especially with a slice of sharp cheese.  A natural partner with roast beef or any grilled meat and a real treat on steak or spooned over your favorite quesadilla. Slather this sweet and savory jam inside a grilled cheese. I designed these jars of yumminess because of the many ways of trying it myself. How about this idea...add to softened cream cheese, goat cheese or sour cream, and you will have the absolute best onion dip for your favorite chips. My latest guilty pleasure, eating it straight from the jar with a spoon! 

Strawberry – Large chunks of fresh strawberries. A family favorite for decades and just the right choice for all ages. Try this preserve on a bagel smeared with cream cheese. Everybody still loves it with peanut butter.

Strawberry Pomegranate – A novel flavor, both sweet and savory. Perfect compliment on a simple scone at your summer garden parties. I also make this variety with a little added fresh Italian basil from my herb garden and the taste is so refreshing. This strawberry variety has been such a hit at local shops and the 8th Street Market in Holland, MI on 8th St.


Strawberry Tarragon – A mixed form of strawberry that I created with locally picked tiny berries. This clever preserve features a combination of fresh tarragon, a hint of crushed white pepper and peach balsamic vinegar. Your taste buds won't know what hit them. Makes an amazing salad dressing or add a few tablespoons to your favorites veggies in a stir-fry. I enjoy it so much in my chicken stir fry with fresh kale, snap peas, mushrooms onions and garlic. You will too I guarantee it! How about on freshly caught lake salmon....you won't be disappointed.

JELLIES      $10.00 per jar unless otherwise noted+ shipping

Earl Grey Apple – The fragrant aroma of Earl Grey tea together with local apple cider and Meyer lemons made this a new favorite. A charming addition to teatime or anytime.

Key Lime Rosemary – Organic key lime juice, key limes and juicy Meyer lemons married with rosemary from my own herb garden. Tangy but sweet and savory.  Particularly excellent with goat cheese on a cracker or crustini. There are many creative pairing options with this unique favorite..baked fish, roasted lamb or pork, grilled chicken and cottage cheese to name just a few. This variety has been my signature and most popular seller!

Raspberry with Lemon Zest – Locally grown raspberries defines the refreshingly sweet taste of raspberries with a zesty taste of fresh Meyer lemons. “A mouthful of sunshine”! Yummy on anything. Gourmet PB & J at it's best. 


Raspberry with Serrano Peppers – Raspberries matched with the distinctive flavor of the Serrano pepper. “Where the sweet meets the heat”. So fabulous in so many ways. Try it on a sandwich with warm bakery bread and beef, chicken or pork. Crane's Pie Pantry, Restaurant, and Winery in Fennville, MI. use this variation on one of their top-selling sandwiches, the Spicy Italian Panini. Pick up a jar or two on your way out to try it at home.


Spiced Cider Jelly -Handpicked Empire and Honey Crisp apples from Cranes U-Pick blended with their fresh cider and spices make this a fall favorite. For a holiday teaser, try a dollop of jelly on a mini cream puff for a bite of pumpkin pie!*My breakfast favorite...piping hot coffee, a toasted English muffin, creamery butter, and my Spiced Cider Jelly, mmmmm it's like a piece of daddy's homemade apple pie!


Spicy Chipotle Drizzle

A very interesting and so popular since I created this one in 2015... “Spicy Honey” is simple, yet unique.  I fused local raw honey with just the right amount of Thai Chili and Chipotle Peppers, two of my favorites! This blend has a smoky flavor with a surprise kick at the end. 
Try this drizzled over goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon and baked for 20 minutes or until your desired crispness.  Finish your fresh salmon salad with it. I used baby spinach, arugula, and The Farmhouse Deli's house-smoked salmon, a medley of tomatoes, slivered red onion, bleu cheese crumbled over the top and of course my new Chipotle Honey.
All you will need is Creamy Sexy Blue and a crisp cracker! For those that love a little spice on their palate, this is a must-try. I used this honey on a pork tenderloin that I baked with all fresh local vegetables, drizzled with the honey and let it rest for 10 minutes before serving. Mmmmm it was so, so delicious.


Wild & Seedless Elderberry Preserves – Organic berries and honey brought to you at the peak of ripeness. Two summer flavors captured in a jar. I'll have a very limited amount of this variety.

SEASONAL FAVORITES        $10.00 per jar + shipping

Cherry with Lime – (Jelly - Summer) - sweet-smelling and wholesome tasting summer Michigan cherries and lime combine to make this limited seasonal jelly. Gourmet addition to any toast and as a grilled white meat condiment.

Peach with Honey – Crane's is my favorite place to find the best fruit and local organic honey. Blended with the handpicked peaches from the orchard make this one everybody's summer favorite.

Peach Mango – Several varieties of juicy Michigan peaches pair lovely with ripe mango. Natural sweetness and the color of sunshine make your taste buds dance. Try this gourmet jam on breakfast breads. Equally tempting on grilled chicken.


Concord Grape – (Jam - late Autumn-Winter) - one of only three North American fruits, the organic grapes I use are locally grown and hand-picked, some out of my own yard. Naturally delicious and full of anti-oxidants. Two varieties, the latest includes a hint of rosemary. The reviews have been amazing. Try either of these in your favorite meatball recipe, over a pot roast and of course so yummy on any breakfast pastry. For a best-loved childhood sandwich, just add peanut butter. The grape and rosemary variety is a welcome addition to your favorite beef stroganoff recipe!

Cranberry Ginger with Walnuts & Lemon Zest – (Preserves - Winter) fresh cranberries, walnuts and bits of crystallized ginger make this a favorite on bagels, muffins or any of your homemade pastries or bread. An absolute "must-have" for all fall and winter entertaining tables. Cranberries and walnuts on a fresh turkey sandwich are just so delicious. I also carry the Cranberry Walnut without ginger.

Mimi's Tomato Preserves - as vintage as the family recipe that was passed down from my great grandmother's treasured recipe book. Nine - twelve varieties of heirloom tomatoes from my own garden make this one of a kind preserve. Vine-ripened and handpicked by me at the peak of freshness. All that makes this one up is a little Meyer lemon and organic cane sugar for another absolute "must-have" this season. $12.00 per jar 


Strawberry Mango – Hand-picked local strawberries paired with ripe mango. Natural goodness that has become a family favorite with my children over the years.  This one has an instinctive sweetness and the vivid red color of the berries brings back childhood memories of enjoying good times together in the sun. Just the thought of it makes our taste buds dance. Try this gourmet preserve on your best-loved breakfast bread. Equally tempting on grilled chicken.





One of a Kind Flavors


Meeting new people and talking to repeat customers is so inspiring. I enjoy sharing ideas for my savory jams and jellies that I've tried myself. Even more exciting is when I get ideas from people just like you!


Below are photos of my signature jelly, Key Lime Rosemary that pairs perfectly with goat cheese. Also a new variety, Grand Marnier Kumquat Orange Marmalade that has a tangy and delicate flavor to top your English muffin or favorite scone. Also my Spicy Onion Jam, perfect on your best-loved beef or pork sandwich.